Sunnyside Community Services, Inc.

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Sunnyside Community Services, Inc.

Contact Information:
43-31 39th Street Sunnyside New York 11104
    New York City Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Staten Island
Age Groups:
    Early Childhood – 3-5 years Elementary – 5-11 years Middle School – 11-14 years High School – 14-18 years 19+

Our Mission

We enrich lives and strengthen communities through services and engagement for individuals at all ages, beginning with those most in need.

Our Vision

Sunnyside Community Services envisions diverse, inclusive, and caring communities where all people thrive and reach their fullest potential.

About Us

Sunnyside Community Services (SCS) is a community-based nonprofit centered on the belief that every person deserves meaningful support to achieve their aspirations – especially struggling families and individuals. SCS serves a diverse community of over 16,000 people of all ethnicities and income levels throughout Queens with programs that range from pre-K to college and career readiness, home care and home health aide training, Beacon and Cornerstone community centers for children and families, a vibrant senior center and full range of services for at-risk older adults including social adult day care for individuals with Alzheimer’s, and a city-wide program of supportive services for those who care for them.  With programs designed to enrich lives and strengthen communities through services and engagement for individuals at all ages, beginning with those most in need, SCS has been lighting up lives with programs as diverse as the people they serve since 1974.  For more information visit or email

Our Core Values

Sunnyside Community Services’ strength lies in its ability to work with people at every stage in their lives and in their own communities. We pride ourselves in an approach that is comprehensive, caring and community-based. These guiding principles shape our work:

  • People-centered: We support each individual on their unique path through life and believe in their capacity to strengthen our community. We value compassion and kindness based on respect for those we serve, and those who help us to serve.
  • Services Are Connected and Effective: We offer a continuum of quality programming delivered by a diverse, knowledgeable and caring team.  Our commitment to learning ensures that our programs continue to evolve to meet community needs.
  • Strength in Diversity: We celebrate the richness of cultures, provide relevant programming, and work to ensure all voices are heard.
  • Integrity and Commitment: We work with integrity as we commit the resources entrusted to us to achieve our mission and enhance our community.
  • Power in Partnership: We believe in the value of partnership to forge solutions and expand our impact.
  • Commitment to our team: Our services are impactful because of the people behind them.  We treat our staff with respect and value the unique contributions they make to building our organization.

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