Friends of Crown Heights #2

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Friends of Crown Heights #2

Contact Information:
671-675 Prospect Place Brooklyn New York 11216
Age Groups:
    Elementary – 5-11 years

Friends of Crown Heights Educational Centers, Inc. (FOCH) is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status, providing early-childhood education and related services, including after-school programs, to the New York city community for over four decades. In the after-school program, we serve students from kindergarten to 5th grade, with the tradition of professionally publishing students’ work (written and artistic)  at least once a year.

With the philosophy that every child can learn and thrive, if given necessary opportunities and support, our mission is to:

  • inspire students to discover and develop their hidden talents and, hence
  • build their self-confidence,
  • teach students how to seek out, recognize and take advantage of opportunities and to
  • inculcate the habit of like-long learning and independent thinking in order to to become productive members of a competitive world community.

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