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94 Luquer St Brooklyn NEW YORK 11231
Age Groups:
    Elementary – 5-11 years Middle School – 11-14 years High School – 14-18 years 19+

Located in the heart of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, Keylab is a modern music, arts, & technology school that offers individually tailored private lessons, dynamic group classes, exciting workshops and more for ages 5 to adult.

Keylab’s primary mission is to educate, inspire, and empower students of all ages towards defining and realizing their creative ambitions. We use a combination of traditional music education, modern technology, and performance exercises to help students develop into skilled, confident, and creative artists. While our courses are primarily designed to teach fundamental musical skills and concepts, they also teach valuable lessons about confidence, creativity, self expression, work ethic, and team building. It is our hope that Keylab students will not only learn how to compose, produce, and perform with confidence and joy; but will also learn how to become more compassionate, productive members of society through the lessons learned in creating and sharing art and music.

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