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Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Coaching

  • NYC
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  • EnCompass: Resources for Learning 16 Lake View Park Rochester, New York, 14613 Google Maps

  • Job Type : Paid
  • Status : Part Time
  • Length : Permanent
  • Job Description:


    The Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Coaching supports the implementation of inquiry-based learning and targeted tutoring models in our expanded learning (i.e., summer and afterschool) programs. The person in this role develops and revises instructional materials for classroom use and coaches teachers on the effective implementation of those materials. The Coordinator of Curriculum and Instructional Coaching is also responsible for analyzing student data to inform instructional priorities and improve student outcomes.



    • Support teachers in the implementation of inquiry-based curriculum framework and targeted tutoring protocols in collaboration with program administrator.
    • Curate and develop resources to support the curricular themes and meet students at their instructional reading levels.
    • Work closely with teachers to support high-quality instruction (e.g., coaching, lesson modeling, observation/feedback, collaborative lesson planning).
    • Analyze data to support teachers in developing individualized learning plans, inform instruction, and monitor program quality.
    • Conduct observations in collaboration with program administrator to ensure fidelity to the EnCompass model. Provide timely and constructive feedback.
    • Monitor students’ academic goals and STAR reading growth. Guide teachers through the data cycle to support their analysis.
    • Collaborate with program administrator and site coordinator to identify areas for improvement in instructional practices, program delivery, and professional development.
    • Participate in enrichment, field trip, and cultural activities, when applicable.
    • Adhere to policies and procedures to ensure student and staff safety. Supervise students during structured and unstructured times, including transitions, free time, and bus duty.
    • Support with planning and facilitation of orientation, professional development, staff meetings, and family events.
    • Collaborate with daytime teachers and school-based staff to support instructional and cultural alignment between daytime and afterschool.
    • Perform other duties assigned by supervisor.



    • Ability to develop and sustain relationships with children and families from different cultures and backgrounds
    • Collaborative approach to service delivery and conflict resolution
    • High standards of professionalism in all aspects of performance
    • Familiarity with current research in learning development, educational practice, and learning differences
    • Strengths-based, learner-focused instructional strategies
    • Effective oral and written communication skills
    • Ability to develop and sustain positive working relationships with program staff, families, and community partners
    • Efficiency, creativity, initiative, and flexibility
    • Excellent judgment and student-centered mindset
    • Adherence to deadlines
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Smartboard technology and online platforms
  • Required Skills/Experience:


    • Minimum – Bachelor’s degree in education or relevant field; 2 years of teaching experience
    • Preferred – NYS teaching certification; Master’s degree in education or relevant field; 3-5 years of teaching and/or instructional coaching experience
  • How to Apply:

Only applicants who apply at the following website will be considered: New York Google Maps

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