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Shakema Cyrus

  • Afterschool Program Director
  • Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle School

From Business to Empowering the Community

Inspired by the afterschool program she attended when she was younger, Shakema Cyrus began working in the afterschool field in 2018. “Through that experience, I was able to build long-lasting relationships, be exposed to many community opportunities that have aided in my growth as a young adult, and [gain] access to organizations that I am now able to partner with for my current students,” said Shakema.

Shakema serves as the afterschool program director for Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle School. She has successfully applied her previous skills in event planning and education to create amazing opportunities for students, staff, and their families, and “to educate, support, and empower the community” that she serves.

The School-Age Care Credential Course was essential to Shakema’s transition from her business background to the afterschool field. Taking this course was a “no-brainer,” she explained, as it positioned her to elevate her career and run a great program that is “in compliance with every aspect of [our] program requirements.” Shakema went on to say that, “Through taking the SAC Credential Course, I learned that creating an efficient afterschool program for students takes hard work and commitment…and that the opportunities are endless as long as you’re utilizing all resources provided to you to create the best program possible.”

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