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Chatham Kids Club

Contact Information:
50 Woodbridge Ave Chatham New York 12037
    Capital Region Hudson Valley
Age Groups:
    Elementary – 5-11 years

CHATHAM KIDS CLUB, INC. (CKC) is a not-for-profit school-age child care program incorporated in 2001 by a group of Chatham Central School District parents, who wished to create an alternative to babysitting or self-care for children residing in the Chatham Central School District. The continuous growth in enrollment since CKC began operation in the Spring of 2002 has confirmed our community’s need for year-round school-aged child care and the confidence our participants and their families have in our programs.

Our program seeks to offer children a balance between structured and unstructured play and to help them learn to use their “free” time constructively, including as appropriate, completing their homework. Children are also encouraged to develop trusting relationships with program staff and friendships with other children in the program.

We operate before school from 6:30-8 M-F, after school from 2:00-6:00 M-F, school vacations and full time during the summer.

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