Yvonne Williams

Site Director, PS/MS 15 and PS 291 (Bronx)

Ahead of the Rest

One of the reasons Yvonne works in afterschool is because the people in the Bronx program she attended as a child encouraged her to go away to college, and helped her earn a full scholarship by playing basketball.  Now she's been doing youth work for 17 years.  Having the chance to go to training sessions where she can socialize and share experiences with peers who understand her work is essential, she said.

"We can get stale," Yvonne said.  "Trainings add a new flavor to things" and keep her up-to-date on what's happening in her field.

Explaining that "my job is adminstration-heavy," Yvonne said she sometimes misses spending time with kids and keeping up-to-date.  "That's why I go to trainings, so I can be up on the jargon" and bring back something new to her program.