Sonia Toledo

Founder and Executive Director

Dignity of Children Inc., Manhattan
The Right Tool Gets the Job Done

Through the organization she founded, Sonia trains afterschool and early childhood educators to help kids manage their behavior by teaching them values and simple guidelines to live those values. She sees success when she helps an afterschool staff member solve the kind of problem that can make work a discouraging place.

Recently a young staff member in one of her training groups described a child whose behavior was unmanageable. Sonia taught the staff member techniques she could use to help the child take ownership of his behavior. After trying those techniques, the staff member later told Sonia, not only did that child do a complete turnaround in attitude, the tone of the whole class improved.

Staff training is mandated for licensed afterschool programs, and Sonia knows that’s why people come to her workshops. However, Sonia said, “When they leave here, they find they were actually engaged, and they walk away with concrete tools they can use every day.”