Good Shepherd Services

Contact Information:

305 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10001 (Human Resources Department)


Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan

Age Groups:

3-5, 5-11, 11-14, 14-18, 19+

VISION, MISSION, CORE VALUES AND PHILOSOPHY OF CARE OUR VISION A Kaleidoscope: Reframing relationships embracing change creating opportunities OUR MISSION To lead in the development of innovative programs that ensures a more promising future for our program participants. To advocate zealously for principles necessary to empower those with whom we work. To provide quality service to individuals consistent with their dignity and to communities consistent with their needs. OUR CORE VALUES Teamwork Communication Respect Empowerment Education Compassion OUR PHILOSOPHY OF CARE The dignity, worth and true uniqueness of each person require that they be treated with loving concern and tender kindness. Each person’s right to self-determination includes the fundamental right to receive an education. The development of caring relationships is essential in building trust and self-esteem. Every individual has the potential to change and grow. Each person’s capabilities are best realized in an atmosphere of compassion and respect. Each person’s strengths are best addressed in a holistic framework that recognizes interrelationships among individuals, families, and the environment. Communities thrive when their members have opportunities to express ideas and participate in decision making; they are enriched when diversity is celebrated. It is essential to work for social change in order to alleviate conditions that impede human equality and fulfillment.