Joshua Livingston

Manager of School-Based Programs

Abyssinian Development Corporation
From a Training, a Mentor and Career

While attending college, Joshua thought he would become a psychologist. But he needed to earn money while in school, so he got a work-study job that required him to attend a training session on how to help people earn their GEDs. He bonded so quickly with the trainer at that session that she became Joshua’s mentor, and inspired him to make a career in youth work. She hired him for other positions where he worked with younger students in afterschool programs. Just by attending that first training session, Joshua said, “I got a job and a pay check, I got a mentor, and she guided me to a great graduate school at Boston University.” The trainer-turned-mentor was the first person he called (after his mother) when he was hired for the position he now holds with Abyssinian Development Corporation.