Saturday Academy Instructors (ELA/Math)

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Part Time

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Academic Support/Homework Help

Job Description:

SEO Scholars is a free eight-year academic program that gets talented, low-income public high school students to and through college.
SEO Scholars is seeking additional math and English Language Arts (ELA) educators to implement a rigorous, college prep curriculum for our motivated and driven high school students. We are looking for passionate educators with a student-centered approach to teaching and learning.
  • Focus on Instruction - All syllabi, lesson plans, student handouts, and rubrics/grading guidelines are provided. SEO provides professional development, individual coaching, and opportunities to engage with other instructors in a collegial, inspiring environment that encourages reflection and growth.
  • Promote Depth of Understanding – Instructors are considered ‘thinking coaches’ and facilitators of learning, who support students’ deep engagement with course content. The typical teaching load is two Critical Reading classes and two Vocabulary classes OR two Critical Writing classes and two Grammar classes OR four mathematics classes.
  • Support Academic Growth - Instructors are responsible for thoroughly preparing to teach, grading assignments and providing individualized narrative feedback, tracking homework completion, providing written feedback on student progress, writing report card comments, and upholding SEO Scholars policies and core teaching principles.
  • Attendance & Punctuality - Commit to teach on all scheduled days of programming, arrive to programming on time (30 min before first class), and attend all meetings as scheduled by staff. All absences, aside from those due to personal illness or emergency, must be cleared with the Assistant Director of Instruction prior to the start of the semester.
  • Preparation - Carefully read weekly Instructor Notes (via email) from the Assistant Director of Instruction. View electronic versions of the lesson plans and thoroughly prepare for effective delivery of lessons prior to each day of instruction. Thorough preparation includes annotating the lesson plan (e.g., anticipating misconceptions and planning for how to address them, differentiating for higher and lower performing students, preparing leveled questions, etc.) and completing all classwork.
  • Instruction - Follow the required lesson plans and meet lesson objectives. Meet criteria for rigorous instruction as described on the lesson observation rubric.
  • Record Keeping - Submit codes and points through Skedula by due dates; submit timesheets on time; respond to staff communication in a timely manner; and complete all other required records in a timely manner.
  • Feedback - Provide detailed weekly feedback on Scholar progress through Skedula (at least five Scholars per week).
  • Abide by all SEO Procedures and Policies.
Spring semester begins on Saturday, January 27th for the Class of 2020 (10th grade) and Saturday, March 3rd for the Class of 2021 (9th grade). Both grades end on Saturday, June 9th. Saturday Academy will be held on the following dates: 1/27 (10th only); 2/3 (10th only); 2/10 (10th only); 3/3 (9th only – orientation); 3/10; 3/17; 3/24; 4/14; 4/21; 4/28; 5/12; 5/19; 6/2; 6/9. Classes meet from 9:30 – 4:30 PM. Instructors lead 4 one-hour classes of approximately 20 students (each instructor teaches 40 students total, and sees each group of 20 for two separate 1-hour classes).
Saturday Academy Instructors are compensated at a starting per diem rate of $325. The per diem rate includes all preparation, meetings (including orientations), emails, grading, completion of anecdotals, report card comment writing, and online gradebook maintenance associated with the instructor’s assigned classes.  (See Instructor Manual for further details.)
Please submit an application through our website:

How to Apply:

Submit cover letter and resume to the attention of Web:

To the Attention of:

Allison Wilner

Required Skills/Experience:

The ideal candidate:

  • Has high school and/or college-level teaching experience
  • Demonstrates significant depth of knowledge and expertise in his/her content area
  • Is reflective, highly collaborative, and looking to grow as an educator
  • Strongly supports SEO’s mission of educational access and equity
  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal, oral, and electronic communication skills