Middle School Program Director

Manhattan Youth Recreation and Resources, Inc.


Salk School of Science
319 East 19th Street
New York, NY, 10003



Job Type:



Full Time



Specific Days Needed:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Number of Available Positions:


Public Transportation:

Bus (M9), Train (4,5,6)

Area of Focus:

Academic Support/Homework Help, Arts (Visual, Music, Dance, Theater), Community Service/Service Learning, Computers/Technology, Health/Nutrition, Leadership/Mentoring, Office/Adminstrative Support, Sports/Recreation/Fitness

Job Description:

We are seeking full-time program directors for OST after-school programs in several District 2 middle schools. Program directors oversee day-to-day program operations, supervise line staff, organize special events, and liaise among parents, students and school staff. The program director must be patient, compassionate, proactive, organized, creative, resourceful, and a good judge of character. The program director must be an educator, a manager, a counselor, a mediator, an administrator, an ambassador, a problem solver, a negotiator, a coach, and a nurse. He or she must be a credible authority at the program, skillfully managing relationships with program staff, students, parents, custodians and school administration, as well as representatives of DYCD and OCFS. He or she must be one of those special people who finds joy helping middle school students through the maelstrom of early adolescence. He or she must be able to earn their trust and gain their confidence. The director must have the ability to hire staff who relate well to the students, and design activities that are developmentally appropriate and suit the individual needs of the students.

How to Apply:

Submit cover letter and resume and writing sample (see our website for instructions) Email: jobs@manhattanyouth.org
Web: http://www.manhattanyouth.org/about/employment.aspx

To the Attention of:

Theseus Roche

Required Skills/Experience:

•Four-year college degree, preferably in a field related to education and/or child development •Professional experience in a school, after-school program, or other youth service, in a leadership capacity •Exemplary oral and written verbal skills, and a comfortable, professional demeanor in person, on the phone, and over email. •Experienced in hiring and supervising staff •Excellent computer skills •Able to produce schedules, manage budgets, and submit reporting on attendance and expenses accurately and on time